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Mid Wales Livestock Market

Client: Building Constructor

Materials Supplied:

  • 3142M 175mm x 1.6mm Z Purlins, punched to spec
  • 100M 200mm x 2.0mm Eaves Beams, punched to spec
  • 96M 200mm x 1.6mm C Sections, punched to spec
  • Rafter Stays, Anti Sag Bars, Sleeves, Galvanised folded guttering.

Manufacture & Delivery: 7-10 working days

Value: £20,000

What was required?

Many bespoke items, all specific to the job.

Working with us

I chose Thomas for continuity in my business and building work. We understand how each other work. I deal with George who knows how we work and the constraints we are faced with on site. George accommodates all of these factors into our orders and lead times.

Did they deliver?

I enjoy a trouble free build and a good working relationship with my suppliers. Thomas Panels and Profiles are a valued supplier to my business and I have no doubt in our continued working together.