• Thomas Panels

Perforated Cladding

Client: Main Contractor

Materials Supplied

  • TPP 1000-19 0.7mm Goosewing 2345M
  • TPP 1000-19 0.5mm Goosewing 8155M
  • TPP 1000-19 0.5mm Goosewing Crimped 4056M
  • TPP 1000-32 0.5mm Juniper 2610M
  • TPP 1000-32 0.5mm Juniper 12117M
  • Assorted flashings and accessorise

Manufacture & Delivery: 8 weeks

What was required?

Materials for a bespoke storage building. Taking into consideration the site, purpose and end use, which affected the design of the build.

Working with us

We continue to work with Thomas as there is always someone knowledgeable and available to discuss my requirements. This ‘a must’ especially when I am calling from a site rather than the office.

Did they deliver?

Specialised items are manufactured at my request, every requirement has always been met.