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Storage Barn, Shropshire


Structural Engineering Company

Materials Supplied

2875M: Z Purlins

210M: 1.6mm Eaves and Valley Gutter

3000M: TPP 1000-32 Polyester Vented Air Cladding


Manufacture & Delivery

10 working days

What was required?

Materials had to be made and delivered within strict timing schedule. It was a large job and with most projects lengths and gauges were bespoke. A tall order to complete on schedule and complete to spec.

Working with us

I like to work with a local company to supply materials to a local job. Any questions or queries it’s good to know that they are on hand.

Did they deliver?

The building materials are of a high standard, the steelwork is high quality which is what we expect. I find the sales team good to deal with, I usually work the same sales person providing continuity in our relationship and understanding how we work.