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    Thomas Panels

    Whether you're developing single or multiple units, Thomas is ready to help with insulated panels, tile effect sheets, bespoke flashings and metal formed gutters. We understand that commercial projects need special attention and require different materials. We offer plastisol coatings in primary colours and metallic finishes and we're used to putting whole product packages together. Our attention to detail ensures your materials are delivered right when you need them, and that you have peace of mind.

Galvanised Steel Guttering

Thomas Panels and Profiles manufactures pre-coated and steel guttering up to 6200mm in length to suit all building styles.  We have state of the art folding machinery with CAD design for unrivalled accuracy, undertaking all types of gutter project in gauges from 0.7mm to 3.0mm steel thicknesses.

For trimline and box gutters we offer two different jointing methods.  They can be tapered or butt-strap jointed and pre punched to customer specifications.

We provide the complete package of bolts, high grade sealants and downpipes with the gutter to ensure our rainwater products are secure and watertight.